Baron Samedi is a multi-disciplinary design & advertising studio. Fascinated with creating effective, beautiful, emotional work, we're story-tellers and relationship-builders. 

Baron Samedi the individual is one of the loa of Haitian Vodou. While being one of the guardians of the past, of history, and of heritage, he's also the loa of resurrection. Coupled with his outrageousness, we think these qualities make him a pretty good representation for branding. 

Specialising in brands, creative thinking, problem solving and design across multiple media, creating an impact for your message is to us as chocolate is to children. Downright addictive. We're not too proud to say that if there's something we can't do in-house, we'll recommend someone incredible who can.

You've built your brand because you're passionate about your field. We're not here to take that personal connection out of your hands, we're here to help you carry it higher.


Change doesn't come quickly, and it's taken years of working in many different studios to discover what works and what doesn't first-hand

Clothing, automotive, food, events, housing, cosmetics - they're all different challenges, but one thing that remains the same is that to succeed you need to know your customer. That's one of the many reasons we work with the ethos 'design for humans'.

The genesis of the emotional attachments we endorse began with our passion for helping people. Small things, at first, but this led to a recognition that the more we chipped in, the more front of mind we became. Become the solution and people will look to you when they have a problem - and we love solving problems. It's one of the reasons we sponsor Western Districts Hockey. Giving back.

14 years in the making and 4 since inception, we've come a long way, but have a great deal further to go. If you're keen to join us on our journey, we're keen to help you on yours.

Design for Humans

For Baron Samedi there's a rule that we work with clients face-to-face. One-on-one. Building a relationship, trust and a deeper understanding about what makes their brand work and how that can apply our understanding of human emotions and traits to captivate their audience

We'll sit with you to listen and learn. Hopefully tease some insights about your business through some evocative questions which will lay the foundation for a grand plan. Then we work together some more to create the ideas and messaging that will bring your love potion to life. To inspire your customers. To build a brand they admire and deliver products or services they desire. 

You've built this brand because you want to do something you're passionate about. It can be hard thinking that you'll be handing over a piece of your passion to someone else, but that's not what this is. This strategy will be ours, together. It will be unique and it will be built on the back of a mutual understanding of what you need and how we're going to go about getting it.

That's when the magic happens, and here's what you can expect from us while we're waving the wand.

Here's a selection of things we're pretty good at

Design & design theory

The lifeblood of communication. This is where we began; looking at ways in which we can effectively convey a message while simultaneously making the message beautiful. Design theory extends across all media. Whether we're creating your website, a logo or wrapping the side of an airplane, this is what people will not only see, but feel.

This also walks hand-in-hand with with design strategy & thinking. This is problem solving at its finest. Finding creative solutions to problems that might not be all that common. We love it.


It's all goes hand-in-hand. Your story, your vision for the future, the way you communicate and conduct yourself. It begins with an idea, a whisper and builds with a strategy. This leads to the development of a story and an identity, culminating in campaigns, guidelines and with a bit of work, successes we can all be proud of.

We're also big on social and environmental responsibility. It's in the core of how we work; creating brands that are leaders in the world not just by what they sell, but what they do.

We'll be there helping you at every turn.


In as broad a topic as advertising there are so many moving parts. Campaigns will need to reach the right audience and whether that's through the power of social media, tradition media like television, or something novel, we'll find that special magic to get your message across while keeping you in good stead.

Paired with a strong brand, advertising will move metaphorical mountains for your business.

As with design, advertising can come in many forms:

  • Classic digital (online, social, television)
  • Traditional (billboards, posters etc)
  • Packaging
  • Radio
  • Experiential
  • Your website or apps
  • Direct marketing (email or print)
  • Brand vs. product ads

And that's just the common stuff. Creating new, exciting ways to advertise puts you in the driver's seat.

Collaboration is a wonderful, exciting and essential part of making your brand something special. It's what separates thinkers from doers

Working together, creating timeless relationships and solving problems as a mixture of great minds is where success is bred. Let's be analytical, transparent, adventurous and passionate in the pursuit of perfection. You deserve nothing less. 

If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, get in touch!


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